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Go (Golang) — компилируемый многопоточный язык, разработанный Google для создания высокоэффективных программ для современных распределённых систем.

String transfer from a function in GO to a code in C without memory allocation (Part 2)

We were discussing a possibility of string transfer without memory allocation in the previous article. Attempts to use this method in the real projects revealed that there are cases when this method is not applicable. Everything is working just fine if a string object is constructed from a static string constant or by means of

String transfer from a function in GO to a code on C without memory allocation (Part 1)

CGO documentation illuminates string transfer issue rather poorly. They only mention that C.CString() function should be used in order to convert a string object into a pointer to a buffer with a zero-terminated string – char*, which is coherent for the C code. This is great; however, a memory block is being allocated during this procedure